Consultancy Capabilities

Where the creative services of Architects and designers are required, we can supply proven professional services, constructive capabilities, and a comprehensive commitment to our clients.


  • Andris Berzins and Associates together, with our collaborating consultants, can offer professional and consultant services across a wide range of quality architecture, with experience in the field of domestic, residential, and public projects; and particularly notable work to visitor buildings in leisure and tourism areas.

  • Our record of sensitive sustainable design, and quality of ideas, speaks for itself through awards and client satisfaction.

  • We have considerable and successful experience of leading and working in close-knit feasibility study, briefing, project design, contract co-ordination and implementation teams.

  • Our creative inspiration is cognisant of individual needs, contextual issues, contemporary culture, current technology; in quality design rigorously managed to realise outstanding and sound projects.


  • As consultants we are familiar with working in all forms of industry relationships; either as principal consultants, project team leaders, and advisers to the clients who can recommend, where appropriate and required, the services of necessary specialist consultants.

  • Clients come to us as much for our rigorous management of projects, the ability to keep to programme and agreed budgets, as for our diverse design skills and creativity.

  • The practice has fully integrated CAD capabilities, and strong skills in computer based graphics, presentations and co-ordinated production information.

  • For all projects and services we provide a personal, caring and rapid response.

  • We place emphasis on the involvement of partners and senior architects in all stages of projects, and the strong involvement of partners continues from design into the production information, tender, and contract implementation stages.

  • Our work over more than 35 years of our practice have encompassed projects from private residential houses and apartments to visitor centres, heritage centres, museums, exhibition buildings; the conservation of historic buildings, as well as public, recreational, and social reception buildings.


What can Andris Berzins + Associates offer the project as designers and architects?

A great deal of experience:

  • experience with buildings at sites of special interest and natural importance

  • experience with visitor facilities and interpretation in a variety of contexts

  • an inherent attitude to sustainable design principles established since our earliest (1975) visitor centre projects

An empathy for sensitive contexts:

  • we strive to design for visitor enjoyment; people should feel comfortable with architecture

  • our range of projects demonstrate relationships with landscape, and an attitude to the need for buildings to fit their natural surroundings

An empathy for environmental issues:

  • we design for passive controls and responsiveness to climate, sun, aspect, ventilation, etc.

  • we address sustainability; use appropriate & sustainable materials, (e.g. timber)

  • we consider embodied energy; energy in use; recycling of materials

An attitude to innovation:

  • in buildings which should assist in education about the environment and sound building practices

  • we provide the imagination, technical and management skills to realize the clients ambitions

A background of working as a team:

  • we bring to the design process creativity, visualisation & communication skills

  • to the procurement process we can offer ‘safe hands’:

  • with care for detail design, comprehensive drawings and full specifications for production information

  • with a record of capable team leadership with strong and effective management of projects through all phases to completion.