Those who have worked with us

Since the establishment of this practice many talented young and fellow Architects have worked with us and brought their skills and enthusiasm to our projects. Their imagination and commitment contributed to the success of our projects, and we remain grateful that they remain in our community of friends.

Steve Basson

Nicholas Berzins

Andrew Coates

Hal Currey

Sophie De Renzy-Martin

Mark Fineberg

Philipa Gavey

Karim Hamza

Stuart Hill

Geir Morten Holltro

David Lewis

Murray Levinson

David Long

James Madge

Afsaneh Mirfendereski

Alan Murdoch

Alasdair Nelson

Ainsley OConnell

Jayameen Patel

Mark Richard

David Russell

Nicolas Scarfe

Spiros Spiropoulos

Amin Taha

James Taylor

Peter Thomas

Oliver Tyler

Adam West